Call for Papers for a Special Issue: Popular Culture & The Context of the Body

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Journal of Fashion, Style & Popular Culture From Intellect Publishers of original thinking

Dr. Tammy Kinley, University of North Texas, Guest Editor
Dr. Jessica Strubel, Univeristy of North Texas, Associate Journal Editor

Manuscript Submission Due Date: June 1, 2013

Joanne Entwistle in The Fashioned Body, maintains that the body constitutes the environment of the self. For the human body, this includes various levels of dress and undress. While many studies attempt to discuss dress exclusive of the body, a genuine analysis cannot be made without acknowledging the significance of the body to dress. Afterall, it is the moving and ever changing body that brings meaning and life to dress. The latest fashions without the body are simply yards of cloth. Tattoos without the body are mere drawings on the wall of a tattoo parlor. It is only when dress is embodied that we can truly begin to understand it.

Authors are invited to submit papers that explore the following areas:
• Body art
• Body modifications
• Body image
• The body, ethnicity, and the conventions of culture
• Ideals of beauty
• The body and undress
• The body and gender
• The body and the contemporary fashion industry
• The body and the popular media
• The body and society
• The body and technofusion/the digital world
• And any other topic addressing the interface of the body and popular culture.

Manuscripts should be approximately 5000 words and prepared using Intellect Journal House Style
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Deadline for Submissions: June 1, 2013

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