Improvisation and Innovation: Clinicians, Scientists and Artists Together, Improving Performance (22-24 March 2013)

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Dr Rob Fisher, Inter-Disciplinary.Net


WORKSHOP Improvisation and Innovation:
Clinicians, Scientists and Artists Together, Improving Performance

March Friday 22nd March to Sunday 24th March 2013

Harris Manchester College, Oxford


In every aspect of life we are constantly confronted with change and the possibility of innovation. Some changes are small--a client cancels an appointment; some not so small--a proposal is rejected, or a hypothesis fails; and some are large--death, crime, chronic illness. In every case, having good tools to respond quickly and effectively to changing situations and circumstances is essential.

Improvisation, the skill of top musicians, writers, clinicians, scientists, executives and other creatives, can give each of us new ways to respond better to change. In improvisation, we use our existing knowledge and skills to create something new in an unplanned, innovative way. Creative, innovative people from multiple disciplines can teach one another strategies to better utilise our skills of improvisation, skills which lead to enhanced performance in work, life and relationships.

Participants will learn the principles of improvisation and the capacities/tools to cull prior experience for better assessment of present circumstances to create innovative ways to execute projects, overcome obstacles and respond to change.

At the conclusion of event, participants will be asked /expected to participate in an ongoing online research community that will provide further support and feedback. Dates and times will be provided.


1) Participants will be able to utilise at least three basic principles for engaging skills of improvisation and innovation to better respond to project problem solving.

2) Participants will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the 5 capacities/tools and initiate application through engaging in improvisational experiences.

3) Participants will demonstrate utilisation of the capacities with their pre-selected project.

4) Participants will demonstrate understanding of improvisation in the research/clinical/studio setting .

5) Participants will be able to describe ways different disciplines use improvisation and innovation to enhance performance.

Participants may choose from two registration options:

Non-Residential: £310 covers registration, morning/afternoon tea, lunches and wine reception

Residential: £420 covers registration, morning/afternoon tea, lunches, wine reception and 2 nights of accommodation at the college

How to Apply
Please send an email entitled, "Workshop Booking Request" to by 20th February 2013. The message should include name, professional affiliation, email address and a brief description of an imagined, proposed or ongoing project on a medical, bio tech, engineering, nursing, psy, social work topic. The project may deal with either theoretical or applied concepts and have a research, clinical, or organisational focus. The description should also state at least one hurdle/problem experienced or foreseen in the execution of the project.

We acknowledge all emails within a week of receipt; if you do not hear from us, please re-send your message.

About the Workshop Leaders

Patricia A. Fennell, MSW, LCSW-R, is a researcher, clinician and author specialising in chronic illness, trauma, forensics and hospice. She is the Founder and CEO of Albany Health Management Associates, Inc., a multidisciplinary organisation focusing on global health care concerns. As the author of the validated Fennell Four Phase Treatment (FFPT) ™ model, she lectures to, advises, and consults with government, professional, medical, academic, management, and patient organisations in North and South America, Europe, Australia and Africa. Patricia is a jazz vocalist. In 2009 she released the CD, Frim Fram Sauce.

John Esposito has been active as a jazz pianist and composer for 40 years. He has performed and recorded with jazz masters including Nick Brignola, J.R. Monterose, Dave Holland, John Stubblefield, Carter Jefferson, Sam Rivers, Joe Lovano, Arthur Rhames, and Pharoah Sanders. John is the founder and executive producer of the independent record label Sunjump Records. He has been a professor of music since 2000 at Bard College in New York, where he teaches theory, history, composition, piano, drums, and performance ensembles. He is currently producing music for a documentary on guitarist/painter/poet Sangeeta Michael Berardi, "Playing With Parkinson's" with filmmaker Burrill Crohn. Most recently, he has recorded a trio CD of his own compositions and is preparing several archival projects for release.

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