ASA 2013, "Food, Debt and the Anti-Capitalist Imagination"

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Sarika Chandra
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ASA 2013, Food, Debt and the Anti-Capitalist Imagination

Proposals are invited for a special session on "Food, Debt and the Anti-Capitalist Imagination" to be held at the American Studies Association conference in Washington DC, November 21-24. 2013.

The contradictions of capitalism are sharply evident in the systemic failures of food production and distribution. The recent debt crisis and austerity programs across the world have significantly reduced the ability to secure food for many. This panel seeks to understand--from a variety of (inter) disciplinary perspectives--the relationship between food production/consumption and the capitalist mechanisms of domination along with the resistance to that domination. The panel will address questions such as: 1) How does thinking about the relationship between food, debt, finance, and capitalism in general, requires us to rethink paradigms of critique in the humanities and social sciences such as North/South, hemispheric and transnational relations, as well as those of class, race, gender, sexuality; 2) How do we understand the recent shifts produced by neoliberalism in our relationship to eating, agriculture, land, etc. in their historical context; 3) How have shifts in food and agricultural practices produced dissent and an imagination of collectivity. Among other issues, papers may focus on the questions of food/fuel; profits and hunger; the urban/rural divide; abundance/scarcity; sustainability; food and consumerism; food and austerity in the media, film and literature. We are interested in proposals that help to make sense of food in a broader institutional and political context. Comparative, global, and historical approaches are encouraged. Please send a one page cv and a brief abstract of no more than 200 words to Sarika Chandra ( by January 15, 2013.