The Worlds of Thomas Pychon -- RMMLA 2013

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(RMMLA) Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association
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Thomas Pynchon has codified himself in the Postmodern cannon as one of the most prolific and inspirational authors alive. His published literature includes works such as Gravity's Rainbow, The Crying of Lot 49, and Against the Day, among other novels and short stories. The extent of Pynchon's literature reflects cultures contextualized in the uniquely prophetic and veiled prose; a prose which, while in the postmodern genre, analogize the development of technology and society. Thomas Pynchon is an experimental author, at times using science as metaphors in his novels and short stories, worthy of analysis. As Pynchon continues to write, it is important for scholars to discuss his literature as it develops. Over time Pynchon's Literature has become increasingly more topical and relevant. Submissions for papers are encouraged for an enlightening panel about the works of one of America's great authors.

Papers pertaining to the critical analysis, analytical, and/or the discussion of the works of Thomas Pynchon are encouraged to submit an abstract for acceptance to the 2013 RMMLA Conference to be held in Vancouver, Washington, October 10 -12, 2013. The panel explores the dynamic literature of Thomas Pynchon through the lens of critical thought and analysis.

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Ira Walker
Louisiana State University
School of Library and Information Science