[UPDATE] CFP: special issue on mise-en-scene

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The Cine-Files, a scholarly journal of cinema studies, www.thecine-files.com
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Submission Deadline: March 30, 2013 for articles. February 15, 2013 for abstracts.

The Cine-Files, a peer-reviewed online journal of cinema scholarship, is now accepting submissions for its Spring 2013 special issue on mise-en-scène.

Topic: Cinematic Mise-en-scène

Robert Kolker has described mise-en-scène as "the articulation of cinematic space." Issue 4 of The Cine-Files seeks submissions that explore the significance of cinematic space—the filmic manipulation of mise-en-scène's concrete elements (sets, lighting, actors, props, etc.)—through close readings, historical analyses, or theoretical inquiries. Papers might consider the following questions:

* How does mise-en-scène construct not only a physical space, but also a psychological or a phenomenological space?
* How do films evoke metaphoric spaces—public vs. private space, gendered space, etc?
* What can we learn from classical mise-en-scène analysis, à la André Bazin (France) or Movie (U.K.)?
* What can we learn from challenges to classical mise-en-scène analysis?
* Can we define genres or national cinemas in terms of how they handle cinematic space?
* How has history influenced a given country's representation of space?
* How do animated films or abstract avant-garde films complicate traditional mise-en-scène analysis?
* How has the digital revolution altered classical conceptions of cinematic mise-en-scène or cinematic space?

Submission Guidelines:

The deadline for completed submissions is March 30, 2013. If you would like to submit an abstract (1-3 pages) first, to see if we are interested in potentially publishing your paper, you may do so by February 15. Articles should be accompanied by a brief email indicating the article title, author's name, institutional affiliation, and contact information. The Cine-Files practices double-blind review, so the attached submission (doc, please) must not contain the name of the author or any reference to the author. Articles should follow Chicago Manual of Style, 16th Edition. Articles should be 4000-6000 words. We will, however, consider shorter or longer pieces if they fit the needs of our issue. Please send submission via email (with article attached as doc) to cinemastudies@scad.edu.

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