Urban's Space, Media's Place

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UCLA Mediascape

COLUMNS – "Urban Space, Media's Place"

The massive growth of both urban environments and media worldwide has created a new and unique area of scholarly interest across the humanities and social sciences. The proliferation of media, especially socially oriented iterations, across the urban landscape has affected people from both within these urban centers, as well as outside them. The aim of this issue is to address the ways that media has placed itself front and center in modern urban spaces. Of particular interest is research that comments on the use of "urban space" and "place" across media, especially incorporating social media.

Topics may include but are not limited to:

- In what ways does urban space make its impact felt on screen, and conversely how have screens made an impact within, and upon, urban space?

- How do concepts of urbanization, globalization, and transnational migration find their relevance in contemporary film and media?

- How has social media affected the aesthetics of the urban landscape?

- What are the intersections, overlaps, and commonalities between theories of cinema and media, and those of architecture and urban design?

- How does urban growth manifest itself in third-world cinema?

- How do video games in which players manage or navigate cities (such as in the SimCity or Grand Theft Auto series) reflect perceptions and assumptions regarding the urban environment?

Papers should be short (800-1500 words, in Chicago endnote format) and should focus on the intersection of "Urban Space and Place in Media". Please submit columns and
inquiries to MediascapeColumns@gmail.com by January 31, 2013.