MLA 2014: Publishing a Persona (9-12 January; Chicago)

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Melanie Wattenbarger

This proposed special session will examine the typefication, marketing practices and consumption of a diasporic author's identity in the publishing process. Some questions to consider include: How does the publishing industry create and sell a persona of authors with hybrid/hyphenated identities? How are diasporic authors' identities sold and consumed in the literary market? Are authors presented as fully assimilated to the host country or as concretely tied to "ethnic" roots? Particularly when second and third generation immigrant writers are being marketed in relation to the motherland, how is their identity accepted as authentic? How does current scholarship on identity, nationhood, ethnicity, groupism and diaspora apply to the actual practices in the publishing field?

This session is a largely discussion-based panal so final papers must be limited to fifteen minutes for presentation time. Do note that this is not a guaranteed session.

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250 word abstract, 1 page CV in docx or doc format.

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Abstract: 1 March 2013

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Melanie Wattenbarger
University of Mumbai
European Union Marie Curie Initial Training Network
Diasporic Constructions of Home and Belonging (CoHaB)