CFP: [Cultural-Historical] Food(&)Sovereignty and Cultural Studies

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Max Haiven & Scott Stoneman
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Food Sovereignty and Cultural Studies â€" a special issue of Politics and
Culture (

In a moment of acute historical potential, food and sovereignty each name a
grave global crisis and a horizon of political hope. Together, they name
the rallying cry for increasingly global diversity of social movements
(both radical and reformist) prioritizing the "right" of local communities
to manage their agriculture against global neoliberalism and neocolonialism.

This issue of Politics and Culture seeks to mobilize scholars invested in
cultural studies-related approaches (defined very broadly) to bring
together new research both on sovereignty and on food to deepen and enhance
our understanding of both terms and to contribute to ongoing academic and
activist debates around the concept of food sovereignty.

• How are food and sovereignty connected in theory and practice, in power
and resistance?
• How do the demands for food sovereignty, which have characterized social
movements around the world, represent, mobilize and/or call forth new forms
of politics, democracy, rights, commons and community?
• How is food sovereignty or the tension between food and sovereignty
represented or articulated in different cultural milieus and media?
• What can struggles grounded in the base materiality of food teach us
about the nature of sovereignty today? How can recent scholarship on
sovereignty provide tools for understanding food politics and help us
imagine responses?
• How is food sovereignty a part of or a response to ongoing and
transformation of colonialism, racism, patriarchy and capitalism?
• How do the questions provoked by food sovereignty challenge us to retool
our theoretical approaches including theories of the body, the subject,
gender, capital, rights, (neo)colonialism, neoliberalism, biopolitics,
Empire and imperialism, globalization, hegemony, agency and post-coloniality.

The editors anticipate brief (1000-4000 words) submissions from a wide
range of disciplinary and critical approaches. Submissions may take a
variety of forms including:
• Critical book (fiction or non-fiction), film or other media reviews of
new or established work, mainstream or underground
• Synopses and/or analyses of social movements, current or past
• Brief theoretical interventions
• Historical excurses
• Discursive analyses of non-fictive, fictive or policy texts
• Creative engagements (Politics and Culture is an online journal â€" please
get in touch with regards to technical questions).

Please do not hesitate to contact the editors should you have any questions.

Please forward submissions (in RTF or DOC format) along with a brief bio
and contact information to both and by March 1st, 2009.

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