Modernism and Aesthetics

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Emerging Modernisms: Digital Modernism Collective

Call for Submissions: Modernism and Aesthetics
Emerging Modernisms: A Digital Modernisms Collective seeks contributions to an online journal relating to the broad topics of Modernism and Aesthetics. The purpose of Emerging Modernisms is to create a space for critical conversation, rigorous reading and collaborative discussion for emerging and established scholars of literary Modernism by taking innovative approaches to canonical Modernist texts and engaging with current debates in the field.
Throughout Spring of 2013, we will be exploring issues of Modernism and Aesthetics. We invite submissions engaging the problems, assumptions and arguments of modern aesthetic theory in the context of debates over modernity and modernist artistic practice. Through philosophical writing, literary texts, the visual arts, and music, we will consider how writers and artists attempted to define modes of perception and aesthetic production. Submissions might consider several broad questions about art, aesthetics, and modernity, such as, how did modernism change ideas about the creation and reception of art? How was it linked to new ways of understanding individuals and their relations with the objects and society around them? How was art in turn used to define the distinctive condition of modernity?
Possible topics for submissions might include:
• The aesthetics of a particular modernist text (including literature, film, visual art, theater, music, dance, etc.)
• Aesthetic theory
• Inspiration and mediation
• The artist and the muse
• Art movements or schools
• Theories of the Avant-Garde
• Modernist Poetics
• Surrealism
• Manifestoes
• The aesthetics of early cinema
• Art History and Art Criticism
We invite contributions on any Modernist text (broadly defined) or work of Aesthetic Theory. We also welcome contributions on film, visual art, theater, and music, from any disciplinary perspective. Submissions should be no longer than 750 words. Potential contributors should familiarize themselves with our particular blogging format. Please visit our website for Submission information (, or send Submissions via email to Submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis.