"Neoliberalism With a Difference: Multiculturalism Versus the Welfare State"

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Eric Strand / American Studies Association
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500-word abstracts for our panel on "Neoliberalism With a Difference" for the 2013 ASA conference in Washington, DC (Nov. 21-24). We have two panelists and a well-known chair, and are looking for a third panelist. We are working slightly against the grain of the conference theme, "Beyond the Logic of Debt, Toward an Ethics of Collective Dissent," insofar as we depart from the emphasis on transnational and nongovernmental politics, and instead make a case for the beleaguered welfare state. As our panel title suggests, we pursue the idea that neoliberal economics is not merely the ideology of white conservatives, but rather is compelling for various minorities. Since we already have two literature specialists, we are looking for a non-literature person to present on neoliberal social formations in unexpected places; history, media studies, or social science scholars are most welcome! As the official deadline is 1/26, please send abstracts by JANUARY 21 to ericstrand@uct.ac.za. Thank you!