Comparative Ethnicities: Intersectional Identities in the New Millenium

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Christopher Rivera, Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey

This panel will look at the way race, ethnicity, nationality and even religion are often times associated with one specific group from a speicific geographical region and a specific set of shared cultural values. The goals of the papers in this panel will be to 1) employ a transnational comparative methodological approach and 2)to challenge stereotypical assumptions made in popular culture and rhetoric that inevitably suggest that conflicting and intersecting identities (ranging from but in no way limited to Latin@ Muslims, Black/Gay Republicans, Atheists Arabs, Quasi-European/Quasi-Asian Turks, Polish Argentines, and the list goes on) can and do frequently appear. Put another way, the presence of people who belong to two (or more) different and even opposing identity categories are no longer able to be denied in public discourses in the new millenium. The reality is that many times these multiple identities produce hybrid subjectivities that are conflicting, confusing, and even controversial both for subjects experiencing the conflicts and others viewing/attempting to understand them. Papers on a broad range of topics are welcomed to submit 1) a 200 word abstract that take a comparative approach to texts (literary, creative, artistic, legal, visual, etc) about race, ethnicity, nationality and religion, 2) a brief biography with institutional affiliation, and 3) whether or not you are or plan to be a member of the American Studies Association in one word document through e-mail by Wednesday, January 23, 2013. This call for papers is really very open however please do specify in the abstract some authors/theorists/artists/subject matters that will be the primary sources your papers will analyze. Because this panel, if accepted, is scheduled to appear at the November 2013 ASA in Washington, D.C. preference will be given to American Studies Association Members and individuals willing to become members of the ASA by January 26th.