[UPDATE] CFP Extended Deadline--Pippi to Ripley: the Female Figure in Fantasy and Science Fiction

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Katharine Kittredge
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Pippi to Ripley: The Female Figure in Fantasy and Science Fiction
May 4-5, 2013
Ithaca College

Keynote speaker: Tamora Pierce

We welcome paper proposals on all aspects of female representation within an imaginative context, including but not limited to:

• A discussion of the female characters in folktales from
multiple cultures.
• The evolution of characters such as Buffy (The Vampire
Slayer), Cat Woman, and Red Sonja as they are presented in
television, film, graphic novels/comics, or literature.
• The female characters in video games such as Tomb Raider,
Metroid, and Mass Effect.
• The female characters featured in Shonen and Shojo manga as
well as other images of female characters in anime films and
• Robot , cyborg, and psychically enhanced girls and women.
• Female heroes and villains in comic books and graphic
• Heroines, female villains, and she-beasts in the works
of Madeleine L'Engle, Tamora Pierce, and Suzanne Collins.
• The depiction of goddesses, Amazons, and other fierce
female entities from western and non-western traditions.

Please send a 300-500 word abstract by February 1, 2013, to Katharine Kittredge, Ithaca College, Department of English, kkittredge@ithaca.edu

Pippi to Ripley is intended to foster intellectual engagement between the college community and local students, teachers, writers, readers and artists; and to provide an affordable venue for undergraduates, graduate students and professors to present their work. Towards these ends, the presenter's registration fee is $35; all other participants are invited to attend for free. Direct questions to Katharine Kittredge, kkittredge@ithaca.edu.