Coastal Plains Graduate Conference: April 5-6, 2013 [UPDATE]

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Coastal Plains Graduate Conference / University of Houston Graduate English Society
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Join us for our 3rd Annual Conference
Friday and Saturday April 5-6, 2013
at the University of Houston

With Keynote Speakers:
Dr. Rebecca Moore Howard
from Syracuse University
Dr. Natalie Houston
from the University of Houston

"Without Contraries is no progression" - William Blake

Social and cultural evolution depends on revolution. Society stagnates and decays when people stop reevaluating laws, traditions, and expectations. Sometimes, not just to progress but to survive, we must revolt.
The Coastal Plains Graduate Conference on Language and Literature welcomes papers, panels, presentations, and workshops in areas of literature, composition, rhetoric, pedagogy, folklore, film studies, humanities, etc. We are seeking work that enters the discussion of current scholarship and offers an original angle, approach, or application to literary/rhetorical theory.
Please send your 200-300 word proposal to Include your name, university affiliation, type of presentation, and tech equipment needs.

For more information, please see the conference website:

Possible topics might include:
Creation of / birth of new literary periods
The Revolt of the Other: Analysis of literary characters participating in/creating their own
revolutions, internal or external
Texts that act as revolutionary acts in themselves
Protest rhetorics,or the rhetoric of backlash movements against change / revolution
Critical pedagogy and criticisms thereof
Revolutionary ideas in pedagogy
Literary responses to revolutions: historical, ideological, social
Adaptation and/or translation (could be framed as critically reading or writing back)
Internal revolutions-within characters or authors
Cultural revolutions including but not limited to issues of: race, gender, class, sexuality
religious, and political