Dieter Leisegang: Cultures, Contexts, Images and Text

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Katherine Weiss / South Atlantic Modern Language Association (SAMLA)
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This panel seeks presentations which will explore the poetry, artwork or philosophy of Dieter Leisegang (1942-1973). 2013 will mark the anniversary of his death by suicide. However, in the 30 short years of his life, Leisegang published several books of poetry, philosophy, and created small miniature artworks. Additionally, he translated the literary works of W.H. Auden, Hart Crane and Edvard Kocbek into German and wrote cultural programs for German television. Leisegang was only 27 years old when he received his doctorate degree from the Johann-Wolfgang von Goethe University where he studied German philosophy under the direction of Theodor Adorno and Julius Schaaf. Thereafter, Leisegang taught philosophy and art theory, among other subjects.

This panel seeks presentations on any aspects of Dieter Leisegang's poetry, philosophy and/or artworks.

SAMLA will be held in Atlanta, GA from November 8-10.

Presentations should be no more than 20 minutes in length.