CFP: [Cultural-Historical] Keats, Chaos, Canada: A Study of the Postcolonial Scramble

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The paper intends to trace a commonality among a lesser known work of art,
John Keats’ unfinished epic poem HYPERION, and the recent changes in the
critical stands of contemporary literary theorists such as Benitez Rojo,
Brantlinger, or for that matter Derrida with that of the cartographical
manifestation of a well known phenomena much read by the second half of
the postcolonial studies exponents such as Said or Bhabha. The paper
states that the outcome of man’s actions is chaos, here man is the man who
bears the ‘burden’ not the ones who cannot ‘speak’. The paper also takes
into its purview the Hellenistic flaw that Keats wishes to neutralize in
his much complicated piece of proselyting zeal, the call to decipher chaos
in HYPERION. Canada is just one fit example of Keatsian weltschmerz, the
flimflam of Hebraism in posse.

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