[Update]Transform, Reorient, Shift: Transnational and Digital Spaces - March 7-9. Extended deadline Feb 15

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English Graduate Student Association - Texas A&M University
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This interdisciplinary conference seeks to explore the concept of transnational space and how it functions in literary texts and beyond. Through speakers, panels, round tables, and general discussion, we aim to explore how transnational spaces act as both geographical agents and ambiguities that re-define literatures as strictly national. By navigating the transnational space writers and readers position themselves in the world, and this transnational web demarcates the space between Self and Other. In addition, the transnational is comprised by agents and entities that are not always migrant, but who are in constant contact with actors that cross borders in a global setting.

This conference seeks to ask questions such as: how is difference constituted within the transnational space, how are traditional ways of orientation redefined, how do transnational spaces change depending on the scale of our gaze, how does the transnational space enable or obstruct the circulation of bodies, commodities, and ideas; further, in what ways do digital spaces affect this circulation, interact with, and redefine the transnational?

The conference committee accepts individual abstracts of 250-300 words or panel proposals of 750- 800 words (for 3 participants) by February 15, 2013. Please send your abstracts to egsa.tamu@gmail.com.Creative writing proposals are also welcome.

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Hosam Aboul-Ela

Conference Key Words: positionality, nationality, travel literature, migration, crossing borders, globalization, contested cartography, mythologies, narratives of contestation and belonging, orientation, dislocation, sovereignty, imperialism, colonialism, periphery, post-colonial, the digital humanities and digital spaces, subject and object, race, gender, age, and identity.