Affective Animals, 14-15 November 2013

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Nora Schuurman / University of Eastern Finland
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Affective Animals
An International Symposium

University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu
14-15 November 2013

Professor Lynda Birke (University of Chester)
Professor Graham Huggan (University of Leeds)

Recent trends in human-animal studies emphasise the significance of the various relationships between humans and animals, and their transformations in modern culture and society. This symposium seeks to highlight the affective dimension of such relations, manifested as bonds between humans and companion animals or other non-humans living and working with humans, as responses to animals in the wild, in zoos, circuses and popular culture, and in the use of animals in agricultural production and science. According to Haraway (2008), these diverse encounters can be understood as forms of becoming with animals, as material-semiotic and intersubjective processes of mutual being and doing, interaction and transformation.

This interdisciplinary event seeks to explore human-animal encounters and animal-related practices in their various contexts, and prospective participants are encouraged to approach the above thematic from novel and innovative perspectives. We invite submissions addressing the diversity of human-animal relations in the social and cultural sciences, including, but not limited to, sociology, environmental policy, geography, law, religion, literature, cultural studies, anthropology, and media studies.

Abstracts of max. 250 words should be submitted to Dr Nora Schuurman (nora.schuurman(at) by 31 May 2013.

The symposium is organized by the Academy of Finland research project Companion Animals and the Affective Turn, dir. Professor Jopi Nyman at the University of Eastern Finland.

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