Scritture migranti / Migrant Writings journal (deadline 03/20/2013)

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Scritture migranti: rivista di scambi interculturali

The Department of Italian Studies at the University of Bologna (Italy) is now accepting submissions for the following sections of the issue 6/2012 of Scritture migranti, an international journal dedicated to writing on migration:

- Letture/Readings: Research articles and essays of substantial length, focused on literature and themes related to migration, and from a wide array of perspectives (max. 70.000 characters, spaces included).
- Visioni/Visions: Research articles and essays on themes of migration in theatre, film, dance, music, and other art forms. (max. 70.000 characters, spaces included)
- Percorsi/Routes: Overviews or annotated lists of new material in the field, including both primary and secondary texts, and/or information regarding new seminars, conferences, and book presentations in Italy and abroad. (max. 10.000 characters, spaces included)

Interested scholars should send a complete article by MARCH 20, 2013 to the editorial committee: .

A brief bio and an abstract are also required. The article should be in one of the major languages of international exchange. Our editorial guidelines can be found at .
Articles for the journal are selected according to an anonymous peer review process.