Call for Digital Media Projects, for the Media Festival at (dis)junctions Graduate Conference, Apr 5-6. DEADLINE Feb 20th

full name / name of organization: 
Eric Atkinson and Ruben Mendoza de Leon, University of California, Riverside

For the 2013 (dis)junctions Media Festival, we seek to stage a critical, interventional "encounter of visuality" that has the potential to challenge and disrupt what Dr. Nicholas Mirzoeff—this year's (dis)junctions keynote speaker—terms the "hegemonic complexes of visuality," specifically through the visual rhetoric and force of community-based "counter-complex" visual media and performance projects. These are projects of performance and media production work whose staging around community building, mentorship, and interventional, transformational pedagogical practices disrupts institutional, hegemonic visual strategies and rhetorics. Such projects reflect arts-based efforts to critically address issues of social justice through counter-complex performance and visual media production interventions into hegemonic complexes of visuality and their impacts on bodies, identities, and subjectivities.

Our Call for Proposals seeks digital videos and digital photographic images that reflect the work of collaborative, community-centered, and performance-oriented projects that intervene in terms of challenging both dominant visual rhetorics and individualistic notions of artistic production and aesthetic purpose. We particularly seek youth-oriented and youth-produced projects from traditionally marginalized communities that are based in an understanding of art as fundamentally collaborative and as a powerful, key site and tool for community building, critical transformation, knowledge production, and the development of potentialities and possibilities toward alternative ways of perceiving and being.

We seek media productions of process-oriented projects that deliberately stage interventional community encounters through combined performance and visual media production, projects that (re)visualize collaborative media production-performance-visuality as a powerful counter-complex tool for staging critical pedagogical and transformational encounters with the potential to disrupt visually based naturalizations of marginalization, power relations, and authority.

Please email us a 250 to 300 word abstract describing both your project and your digital video or photographic media to no later than February 20th, 2013.