Hypervisibility III - Beyond the Closet: Coming-Out Narratives in Transnational Visual Cultures

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University of Ottawa, Canada
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In 'La Queer Theory est made in the USA', Lawrence R. Schehr underlines the pitfalls on an uncritical, un-problematized re-appropriation of Queer Theory to national and cultural contexts other than its original one (North America). Queer Theory itself is predicated upon specific signifiers characteristic of the English-speaking context, that is the closet metaphor (which determines visibility in binary terms) and homophobia. Eager to challenge universalising North American queer thought, Schehr argues for Post-Queer Theory instead, a theory that would extend the problematique of Queer Theory to other national contexts while taking into account the specificities of other cultural environments.

The main purpose of Hypervisibility III – Beyond the Closet is precisely to examine, from a post-queer perspective, the expressions of queer and homosexual voices, and more precisely, coming-out narratives in contemporary visual cultures (film, videos, photography, graphic novels, contemporary art etc.) and performing arts in non-English speaking countries.

As for Hypervisibility I (Montréal, 2006) and Hypervisibility II (Stirling, 2008), we welcome abstracts focussing on visual productions of the last 30 years. Although focus is on coming-out narratives in other contexts than an English-speaking one, we also welcome other approaches and themes for papers/sessions such as:

- Homosociality versus homosexuality: cross cultural (mis)understandings;
- Analysis of specific visual productions;
- Critical and theoretical examinations of individual artistic productions;
- Families;
- Bisexualities;
- 'Hommages' and 'femmages': inter-generational dialogues
- Transgender and transsexual voices and images;
- Homophobia, self-hatred;
- Representation of AIDS / people with AIDS and AIDS narratives;
- Cross-dressing;
- Queer voices and images across religious, ethnic, racial, cultural and class differences;
- Critical reception, censorship;
- Performance;
- Normativities.

Abstracts on other relevant topics will also be considered.

Hypervisibility III – Beyond the Closet will be held in French and in English on October 16th and 17th 2013 at the University of Ottawa (Canada). Abstracts of 200-300 words, *in either English or French*, should be sent together with a brief biographical summary at Hypervis2013@uottawa.ca before April 30th 2013.

Main organiser: Florian Grandena, Ph.D.
Evaluating committee: ÆPI (Research Group on the Æsthetic and Politics of the Image).