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38th Macromarketing Conference, University of York, Toronto, 7-9 June 2013
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38th Annual Macromarketing Conference June 5– June 7, 2013

Paper track on servants, servitude and the philosophy of service
The study of 'service' in marketing has heretofore concentrated on the managerial use of service for profit-maximizing purposes. In this track, we invite philosophical, critical, sociological, ecological, and economic papers on the relation between service and market. We particularly welcome papers that deal with issues in the following areas:

What can philosophy tell us about service? (Marx, Hegel, Agamben, Aquinas)

(Global) slavery in different industry sectors (sex, house-keeping, construction, fashion)

Service-dominant logic, services marketing, Nordic marketing, and critiques thereof

Financial services

Historical/feminist perspectives on servants (the shopgirl, geisha, prostitution)

Internationalization of service training, service scripts, and service-centric culture

Non-human servants from historical or contemporary viewpoints (robotic servants, robotics of