JNT, Special Issue, "Rethinking 'The Good Life," DEADLINE June 1, 2013

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Journal of Narrative Theory

The Journal of Narrative Theory (JNT) seeks submissions for an upcoming special issue, "Rethinking 'The Good Life.'"

In a conversation that draws upon her work on "the cultures of affect" to posit the urgency of re-imagining state and civil society, Lauren Berlant asks,

"What if people were to take the opportunity to reimagine state/society relations such that the flourishing of reciprocity were differently constructed and assessed, and in which consumer forms of collectivity were not the main way people secure or fantasize securing everyday happiness?"

In other words, how might considerations of the 'good life' be reconfigured through epistemologies, ideologies, and / or disciplinary modes that, for instance, attend to the historical concurrence and seeming naturalization of the relations between capitalism and modernity, broadly construed? What sorts of subjects — political, cultural, aesthetic, economic, creedal, and so forth -- emerge from these re-imaginings?

We invite essays (max. 10,000 words) that engage these questions pertaining to the good life. Some possible points of address might include investigations of the public good; examinations of publicity, or life, or goodness; articulations of alternative versions or visions; illumination of its historicities, its aesthetics, its politics, and/or its economies; analysis of its manifestation into discourses of health or religion or public policy or work; and, consideration of its relationship to the materialization of bodies.

In particular, we are looking for essays that are concerned with the narrative dimensions of the good life in a variety of theoretical and historical moments and geographies. How is narrative key to the ways in which a specific version of the good life is normalized? In what ways does critical engagement with the good life produce insight into the operations of narrative? How do logics and forms of narrative render visible and/or obscure what the good life could be? What is a narrative of the good life and how is it perpetuated?

Information about the journal can be found at the following address: http://www.emich.edu/english/jnt/

Contributors should follow the MLA style (7th edition), with footnotes kept at a minimum and incorporated into the text where possible.

Please send a copy of the submission by email attachment to each of the editors – Tita Chico ( tchico@umd.edu ) and Kandice Chuh ( kchuh@gc.cuny.edu ) by June 1, 2013.