"The Art of Mothering," proposed special session for M/MLA (Milwaukee, November 7-10, 2013)

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Elaina Ross/ Northeastern State University
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American literature and culture has represented mothering in various ways over time, from the selfless Marmees of nineteenth-century novels to the permissive enablers and responsibility abdicators of contemporary texts such as The Glass Castle and Thirteen to the overbearing, controversial "Tiger" mother. "The Art of Mothering" seeks to explore the various facets of mothering as seen in American culture and literature. What does the shift in mothering styles say about American society? How do these portrayals compare with representations of fathers, or of mothers in other cultures? How does age play a part in a mother's style of parenting? To what extent does mothering represent the cultural situation of a woman? Send 250-word proposal and CV by February 22 to rossem@nsuok.edu and strong01@nsuok.edu.