Solo Performances On and Off the Page (PAMLA, November 1-3, 2013; Bahia Resort Hotel, San Diego, CA)

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Cathy Irwin/University of La Verne
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This panel examines how the voice in solo performance (on the page, stage, internet, etc.) mediate what Judith Butler calls a shared vulnerability or precarity between self and other. How are poets, actors, and citizens using solo performance to engage with urgent social issues and the precariousness of life?

Topics may include, but are not limited to the following:
--performance and the theory of precarity
--Asian American, Chicano, African American, Arab American Solo Performances
--gender performativity and precarity
--Queer performance
--dramatic monologue, the confessional, and the post-confessional
--witnessing and audience
--solo performances after 9/11 and Abu Ghraib
--internet poety, blogs and Youtube performances
--space and ritual of solo performance
--solo performance as critique

Please submit proposals (approximately 300 words) via PAMLA's online submission form at:

Any questions and queries, please contact Cathy Irwin at

Presenters will need to become members of the Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association (PAMLA).

Any questions and queries, please contact Cathy Irwin at