Call For Papers — Expanded Cinema 3 April 2013

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Department of Film Studies, University of St Andrews

Call For Papers — Expanded Cinema
3 April 2013
University of St. Andrews

Deadline for proposals: 1st March 2013
Keynote speaker: Dr. Wanda Strauven (University of Amsterdam)

The postgraduate Study Day is a yearly conference at the University of St. Andrews, organized by the postgraduate students in Film Studies, which aims to explore aspects in the field of film studies that are not covered by our research projects.
The topic of this year's event, which will be held on 3 April 2013, is 'Expanded Cinema'. We wish to broaden the scope which has been associated with the concept of 'Expanded Cinema', in the initial form, as it has been presented in Gene Youngblood's book, which was a ground-breaking approach to the inclusion of new technologies in relation to film and other media studies. He provided a conceptual framework to the 'aesthetic application of technology', which according to Youngblood is the only way to 'achieving new consciousness to match our environment'. We use the concept to refer to any forms of experiencing cinema outside of the classic 'cinema institution' — the film theatre. From early cinema screenings in cafes and showgrounds, to the entry of cinema in museums and galleries over the last decade, resulting in the figure of spectator-flâneur, the cinematic experience has shifted to and fro from private to public spheres. Throughout cinema history, alternative moving image practices, such as video art, experimental and avant-garde films (which require alternative screening spaces), and very recently digital technologies are taking the 'cinema experience' to new media-based screens. All of these changes have revolutionised and expanded the notion of cinema, thus changing the way in which we perceive films and spectatorship.

We invite proposals for 15 minute papers. Topics can include, but are not limited to:
• film projections in galleries and museums;
• video art;
• new media/ digital technologies;
• early cinema screenings, vaudeville performances and peep shows;
• pre-cinema and laterna magica;
• experimental and avant-garde films;
• moving images in public spaces;
• cinema and the city;
• film festivals

We would welcome papers on any of these or related topics. Please send your abstract, by March 1st, to: Raluca Iacob (, Ana Grgic ( and Xavier Tam (

Abstracts should include the following:
• An abstract of max. 150 words
• A short biographical note, including your institutional affiliation
• 3-5 key words relating to the focus of the paper.