Owen Barfield session of Rocky Mountain MLA Oct 10-12, 2013 Vancouver

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Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association (RMMLA)
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The Owen Barfield session of the Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association (branch of MLA)invites paper proposals on the ideas, life, and works of Owen Barfield for the upcoming convention October 10-12, 2013, in Vancouver, Washington. Owen Barfield was one of the Inklings (with Tolkien and Lewis) and the author of "Saving the Appearances," "Poetic Diction, and "What Coleridge Thought," among other milestone texts. His ideas about internalization, participation, the evolution of consciousness, and the pivotal role of the imagination in perception and experience still intrigue us today. Send proposals to Dr. Fields by email BY MARCH 31.Include a title and abstract (of several sentences) for your proposed paper and a description of one or two paragraphs. If we have enough presenters, we can even have two sessions. Presenters at the Owen Barfield session of RMMLA have included well-known Barfield scholars Jane Hipolito, Dave Lavery, and Owen A. Barfield (Barfield's grandson). Jane Hipolito also hosts the Owen Barfield society as a session of the convention. But please act soon! Once proposals are accepted for presentation at the convention, presenters must commit to presenting in person. Presenters (once their proposals have been accepted) cannot be entered into the online program unless they become members of RMMLA. Seel also official RMMLA CFP: www.rmmla.org