Sustainability and Border Rhetorics for RSA 2014

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Shannon Madden / University of Oklahoma
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Environmental sustainability, as a set of issues primarily addressed by environmental scientists but which impact peoples and cultures regardless of geographical region, is at once borderless and bounded. As such, sustainability presents an issue which challenges borders in particular ways.

This panel, to be proposed to RSA 2014, engages the borders within and around sustainability rhetorics. Possible questions papers can address include (but are not limited to):

What is left out by current discussions of sustainability in rhetorical studies?
How are borders -- cultural, national, and social -- implicated in issues of sustainability?
How can ecocomposition be used as a methodology to challenge disciplinary borders around issues of sustainability?

Proposed papers should engage sustainability and border rhetorics, and should be consistent with the RSA conference call. (The RSA cfp can be found here:

Please send inquiries and short abstracts of no more than 150 words to Shannon Madden by May 1.