[UPDATE] Transpacific Memory: Life Writing across the Western Divide

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2014 Chicago MLA special session

While Transpacific Studies often focus on Asian diasporic writing, this panel seeks essays on life writing emerging from travel across the Pacific in all directions, East-West, West-East, North-South. Following Yunte Huang's lead in *Transpacific Imaginations* and *Transpacific Displacements*, we might expand the definition of transpacific to encompass modern Western expatriate memoirs such as Mark Salzman's *Iron and Silk*; Simon Manchester's *The River at the Centre of the World*; Nathan Gray's *First Pass Under Heaven*; Mark Kitto's *Chasing China*; Rachel DeWoskin's *Foreign Babes in Beijing*; Angela Carter in Japan; Bruce S. Feiler's *Learning to Bow*; and life writing by missionaries, diplomats, teachers and businesspeople in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and Korea. Also welcome are papers that take a fresh or macro view of Transpacific life writing by Asian emigrants to the US, Canada and Central and South America. Please send abstract and a brief bio by March 15 to Mary Goodwin at profgood@hotmail.com.