On-line/Off-line – Between Text and Experience. Writing as a Lifestyle (13-14 June 2013, Lodz POLAND)

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Institute of Contemporary Culture, University of Lodz
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On 13-14 June 2013 in Lodz, International and Interdisciplinary Conference On-line/Off-line – Between Text and Experience. Writing as a Lifestyle will be held. The conference is organized by the Department of Theory of Literature, Institute of Contemporary Culture – former Institute of Theory of Literature, Theatre and Audiovisual Arts – (University of Lodz) and the journal "The Problems of Literary Genres".
The main subject of reflection we would like to propose is a democratization and dissemination of writing as a form of human experience, communication and creativity. Writing - or, generally 'to be with text' – became a domain of every contemporary culture's user. This is because the contemporary culture consists of literary texts, understood traditionally in terms of edition and genre background, as well as of polisemiotic hybrids, literary blogs, e-forums, e-poetry generators, posts, comments, tweets, e-mails and text messages. The ubiquity of the word (transmission of a text) despite the seemingly dominant trend of pixelation and the primacy of so called picture culture is symptomatic. It seems that the progressive technologization of the society does not affect the importance of the text and literature. Paradoxically, it acts as a stimulant in theses domains, not only gaining new users for them, but also expanding their meanings.

Conference co-ordinators:

Organizing Committee:
Prof. PhD. Grzegorz Gazda,
Prof. PhD. Jaroslaw Pluciennik,
Agnieszka Śliz, M.A. (Conference Secretary, mail: agnieszka_sliz@o2.pl)
Michał Wróblewski, M.A. (Conference Secretary, mail: wrooble@wp.pl)

If you are interested, please send an application with the title of your presentation and it's abstract (500-700 signs) till 31 April 2013 – mail: agnieszka_sliz@o2.pl
A short biographical information might be also helpful.

Conference languages: Polish and English

Estimated number of speakers: 50 people

Expected duration of the conference: 2 days

The conference fee will be: 300 PLN
Organizers provide coffee service. Selected articles will be published.

Every day of the conference on-site meeting will be given lunch. Cost per meal is 30 PLN. Please add lunch money to the conference fee and transfer the total amount at once.

The account number for conference fee and more details will be given later.

Organizers prepared rooms for participants of the conference in Centrum Szkoleniowo-Konferencyjne UL on the Kopcinskiego street 26 (in the center of Lodz)
Please make bookings and pay for accommodation on your own.

Centrum Szkoleniowo-Konferencyjne UŁ

ul. Kopcińskiego 16/18
90-232 Łódź
Recepcja / Rezerwacja:
tel. (48 42) 635-54-90
fax (48 42) 635-54-60