Seeking Third Panelist for Midwest Conference on British Studies (MWCBS)

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Emily VanBuren and Lisa Kelly

Seeking third panelist for Midwest Conference on British Studies (MWCBS)
DePaul University, Chicago
October 11-13, 2013

We are constructing an interdisciplinary panel that explores the relationship between the British theatre and anxieties surrounding internationalism, commercialism, and pacifism in the early twentieth century. Both of our projects take on these broader themes through case studies of theatre troupes and productions during and shortly after WWI. We are open to papers that extend this chronology into the Victorian era or forward into the post-WWII period. We are interested in engaging, for example, the following ideas:

internationalism and nationalism
pacifism and political engagement
culture and commercialism
art, citizenship, and democracy
the emergence of the national theatre within Great Britain

We are broadly interested in theatrical and cultural exchange, either within the empire or across national and continental boundaries. We welcome proposals from scholars from any related discipline.

Please respond with a CV, and an abstract or a brief summary of your project by Friday, March 22, 2013, to:

Emily VanBuren

Thank you,

Lisa Kelly
PhD Candidate, Interdisciplinary PhD in Theatre in Drama
Northwestern University

Emily VanBuren
PhD Student, History
Northwestern University