CFP - Tarantino's Django vs. Spielberg's Lincoln

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Oliver C Speck / VCU
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"Django Unchained" is well on the way to becoming Quentin Tarantino's commercially most successful film and is already his most controversial. Fellow director Spike Lee has denounced the representation of race and slavery, while many African American writers have defended the white auteur. Journalists, from major print publications to bloggers, have weighed in on both sides of the debate. The use of extremely graphic violence in the film, even by Tarantino's standards, at a time when gun control is being hotly debated has sparked further controversy and has led to angry outbursts by the director himself.

The topic of Django Unchained (slavery and revenge), the setting (a few years before the Civil War) and the intentionally provocative generic roots in Spaghetti Western and Blaxploitation demands a thorough examination of the film in an anthology of essays.

We have found contributions that connect Django Unchained to current events and discourses, to genre and representation, etc. except for one crucial topic :

A comparison with Spielberg's Lincoln (just as Tarantino' s Basterds can be seen as a commentary on Brian Singer's Valkyrie) and other films (i.e. other "post-Obama" movies).

Please email abstract (350 to 500 words) by March 21 to