Desire, Spirituality and “Regimes of Truth” in Contemporary South Asian Literature

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The World Forum for World Literature Studies
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The World Forum for World Literature Studies published by Shanghai Normal University, Purdue University and the Wuhan Institute for Humanities calls for paper for its Special Issue on South Asian Literature. The Special Issue will examine the nature of power and its manifestations in various discourses on desire and spirituality in contemporary South Asian literature. According to Michel Foucault, power is the "network of relations” in which entities confront each other. There is no "essence" to power, but only its specific relational forms. In this sense, power is both invisible and functional, and to analyze power relations, we cannot be satisfied with the analysis of actors who use power as an instrument of coercion, or even an analysis of the structures within which those actors operate. Rather, we must recognize that these diffuse power relations are in discourses, or what Foucault once called “regimes of truth.” Submissions which analyze, in concrete detail, the “invisible and functional” power relations in discourses on desire and spirituality in contemporary South Asian literature are welcome. 250 words abstract can be sent to Special Issue Editor, Yubraj Aryal (Purdue University) at by July 30, 2013. If the abstracts are selected, the contributors should submit their essays by January 30, 2013. For Submission criteria or formats, visit the journal’s website at:

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