Alternative Nations: Society and Independent Filmmaking through the Projection Lens

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University West of England

This is a call for papers, for a new anthology tentatively titled Alternative Nations: Society and Independent Filmmaking through the projection lens. The anthology's aim is to collate critical and scholarly essays that examine alternative or independent cinemas, films, filmmakers, from a global perspective. The collection also aims to examine the use of cinema in its portrayal of society, its people's, their lives, their fears (post 9/11 fears), struggles, internal conflicts or the political climate of the day/era. The volume intends to shed valuable light on world cinema that has received little scholarly attention or commentary.

I am particularly interested in receiving scholarly essays on Independent cinemas/filmmakers in the Middle East, especially Egyptian Cinema or Palestinian cinema, alternative Indian Cinema, African cinema, especially Nollywood Cinema, Iranian/German New Wave, South American and Latin American cinemas, Scandinavian and European alternative film/documentary, especially Russian, Hungarian and Polish cinema. Please note that this is a general suggestion and not a rule of thumb, for I'm happy to consider any papers that do not fall into this remit, or focus on countries that already boast a popular cinema.

Papers can focus on individual films, filmmakers or cover a movement, or industry, for example: an essay on the 'Nollywood phenomena.' Essays focusing on global cinema that tackle political or social problems, or depict a society in transition are equally welcome.

I have already collected papers on Representations of Post-War Britain in the films of Terence Davies, an interview with Terence Davies, Chinese Independent Cinema, Post War Japan and Seijun Suzuki's Gate of Flesh and North Korea society and the documentary films of Daniel Gordon.

If interested, I recommend that you first send a 300-400 word proposal or abstract (or a simple email, in order to check the paper's suitability). Submissions and proposals should be sent to

All texts should be in Times New Roman, font size 12 and justified. Please use endnotes, though please refrain from using the endnotes facility on your computer. For notes, please use superscript and number all notes numerically.

Closing date for submissions will be June 30th. I am aiming for a 2013 publication.

Matthew Edwards is the editor of the anthology Film out of Bounds, which was published in the US by Mcfarland and Co in 2007.