"The Controversy over Attribution of De Doctrina Christiana to Milton." CFP: 25 March 2013; Collection of Essays by 30 June 2013

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Paul Sellin and Hugh Wilson

Profs. Sellin and Wilson have posted a proposal for a special session at the 2014 MLA Convention in Chicago on the controversy over the attribution of _De Doctrina Christiana_ to John Milton.

In addition, we are also gathering essays for a possible collection on the controversy.

_De Doctrina Christiana_ was found in the State Paper Office and attributed to Milton in 1823. The proposed MLA special session welcomes papers by partisans (or neutrals) in the controversy over John Milton's reputed authorship of _De Doctrina Christiana_. To be considered for the proposed MLA special session, please send a brief abstract by 25 March 2013.

Contributions to a possible collection of essays expressing various points of view on the attribution controversy (and anything that might illuminate it) will be considered until at least June 30, 2013.

Paul Sellin (psellin@ucla.edu)
Professor Emeritus, UCLA

Hugh F. Wilson (wilsonh@gram.edu)
Professor, Grambling State University