CFP: Travel and Tourism (6/15/07, MAPACA, 11/2/07-11/4/07)

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The Mid-Atlantic Popular / American Culture Association (MAPACA) will
hold its 18th Annual Conference in Philadelphia on November 2-4, 2007.
The conference will have roughly 130 different sessions on a very wide
range of topics. We expect to have roughly 400 people attending the
conference. More information can be found at

I will be organizing several sessions on “Travel and Tourism.”

These panels encourage a wide range of presentations, papers, and
multi-media displays about travel and tourism. Please feel free to send
questions or notes to the chair at The following
is a general list of suggested topics, but other topics and queries are
certainly invited.

Since "travel writing" appears in so many forms--novels and
screen-plays, fictions and non-fictions and meta-fictions, cartoons and
websites, journalism and photo essays, advertisements and guide books
and maps--please feel free to consider a very wide range of materials
and texts. These trips may take one anywhere from Disneyland to
Holocaust memorials, from the Walt Whitman house to the top of Everest,
 from Grand Tours to forbidden countries, from personal misadventures to
"trips of a lifetime". These travels often challenge our assumptions
about allegedly simple terms, such as tourist, traveler, map,
picturesque, vulgar, forbidden, exile, pilgrimage, exotic, border--and
many others.

I hope to devote one or more panels to “graphic travelogues,” that is,
texts that attempt to combine graphic novels with travel writing.

If you’re interested, please email a brief abstract (150â€"300 words) and
a brief bio to before June 15th, 2007. Graduate
students and independent scholars are encouraged to apply.

Gene McQuillan
Professor of American Studies
City University of New York

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