(25-26 October, 2013)"Ebbs, Flows and Limits": Dialogues and Cultural Productions from the Periphery, Pittsburgh

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(Des)Articulaciones 2013, University of Pittsburgh, Hispanic Languages and Literatures Department
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With an interdisciplinary approach, (Des)articulaciones 2013 invites creative reflections on the possibility of many Others (and various Selves), and the examination of continuous cultural flows from and between so-called peripheries. Our purpose is to continue a reflection of Latin America vis-à-vis various contacts with peripheral Others and their epistemological relationship to the West.
Graduate students who would like to participate in the conference should send an abstract (between 250-300 words), their research interests and academic affiliation to the Selection Committee at des.articulaciones@gmail.com by April 15, 2013. Each presentation will be between 15 and 20 minutes.

Abstracts should focus on, but are not limited to, the following themes:

- Literature: Inter-regional, Trans-Atlantic and Trans-Pacific Dialogues
- Symbolic Representations from the Margin: Aesthetics and discourses from or beyond Latin American geopolitical limits
- Art, Cultural Production and Discourses via Peripheral Images (including cinema, photography and iconography)
- Other Epistemologies: Local/ localized knowledge in the face of “Universal” knowledge
- New negotiations of the Other: Genders and sexualities
- Diasporas and Afro-Descendent Cultures: Literature, Memories and Transnationalism
- Amerindian Studies in Dialogue: The Space between tradition and contemporaneity
- Constructions of Local/ Global Identities and Subjectivities
- Machines, War Devices, Violence and Political Conflicts
- New Cartographies, Decentralized Spaces
- Dispersion of the Periphery, Cultures and Literatures in Exile
Memories, History and Socio-Polilitcal Narratives

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