Second International Workshop on Discourse Analysis. Santiago de Compostela, June 19th-21st, 2013

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University of Santiago de Compostela
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Jointly organized by the research groups SCIMITAR and Discourse & Identity, IWoDA'13, the Second Santiago de Compostela International Workshop on Discourse Analysis is an international forum for sharing ideas, insights, case studies, tools, and methodologies in the area of Discourse Analysis.

Our aim is to promote multi- and interdisciplinary research by bringing together researchers that analyse discourse from different perspectives: theoretical and applied, quantitative and qualitative, linguistic, literary, historical and cultural. Guest speakers will provide case studies, tools and methodologies in plenary lectures and specialised workshops, which will upgrade the skills necessary for discourse analysis in different settings and for different purposes, thereby promoting lifelong learning and encouraging synergies between academics.

The following guest speakers have confirmed their participation (in alphabetical order)
Archer, Dawn (University of Central Lancaster): "Discourse Analysis: Exploring Data with WMatrix"
Emmott, Catherine (University of Glasgow): "Foreground and Background in Written Texts: Discourse Strategies and Cognitive Processing"
Fogarty, Anne (University College Dublin): "Reading First-Person Narratives: Trauma and Femininity in Contemporary Irish Fiction"
Hilpert, Martin (Université de Neuchâtel): "Statistical Methods in Language and Linguistic Research"
Knight, Sarah & Lund, Mary Ann (University of Leicester): "Richard III and Elizabethan Drama"
Leech, Geoffrey (University of Lancaster): "English Grammar on the Move"
Pullum, Geoffrey (University of Edinburgh): "Discourse, Usage, and the English Passive Constructions"
Regan, Stephen (University of Durham): "The Politics of Poetry and the Counter-Cultural Discourse of the Sonnet"

The structure of IWoDA'13 includes Plenary Sessions, Panels and two Pre-Workshop Practical Sessions that will take place in computer rooms with a limited number of seats so that the selection will be by strict order of application:

Pre-Workshop Practical Session 1:
"Statistical Methods in Language and Linguistic Research"
Pre-Workshop Practical Session 2:
"Discourse Analysis: Exploring Data with WMatrix".

We invite submission of abstracts for papers
on the following topics with a focus on the analysis of English-language discourse (although contrastive studies with other languages are also welcome):

1.1. Discourse and Grammar
1.2. Discourse and Cognition
1.3. Discourse and Social Interaction: Genres and English for Specific Purposes
1.4. Second Language Acquisition and Teaching

2.1. Discourse and/in Literary Criticism
2.2. Discourse and Social Interaction
2.3. Discourse and Gender
2.4. Discourse, Race and Nation

3.1. Cross-cultural and Intercultural Communication in the 21st century
3.2. Cross-cultural and Intercultural Communication through History
3.3. Discourse, Culture, Politics and Ideology
3.4. Historiography: Discourse of Inclusion, Exclusion and Hybridization

If you wish to deliver a paper to IWODA'13, please Submit your proposals by April 21st, 2013 using the online submission system at

Candidates will be informed of the outcome of the abstract selection process by May 10th, 2013.
A selection of papers will be published in book form. For further details, please see Publication of Papers at our Web Page.

The Organising Committee
María de los Ángeles Gómez González
Margarita Estévez Saá
Laura Lojo Rodríguez
Susana Doval Suárez

Panel Coordinators

Elsa González Álvarez (Linguistics)
Jorge Sacido Romero (Literature)
Cristina Mourón Figueroa & Teresa Sánchez Roura (Historical and Cultural Studies)