Dancing across the Curriculum; movement pedagogy for non-dancers

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Julie Townsend, University of Redlands


Panel topic: "Dancing across the Curriculum; movement pedagogy for non-dancers"

For the conference: Decentering Dance Studies: Moving In New Global Orders, November 14–17, 2013,Riverside, California, USA.

What do students of _______________ [fill in the discipline of your choice] have to learn from dance? This panel will explore ways of incorporating movement for non-dancers into the undergraduate curriculum.

- Historically, what role has movement played in undergraduate education?
- How might 'ordinary movement' choreographic models be integrated into a variety of disciplines?
- Researchers seem to agree on the importance of "kinesthetic learning" for young children, but is it relevant at the undergraduate level?
- Does the body play a role in analytical processes?

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Julie_townsend@redlands.edu by April 5, 2013.