The Dostoevsky Journal: An Independent Review, vol. 14 (2013). "Dostoevsky and the Creation of an Intellectual Tradition."

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The Dostoevsky Journal: An Independent Review

CALL FOR PAPERS 2013 - The Dostoevsky Journal: An Independent Review, Special Issue on "Dostoevsky and the Creation of an Intellectual Tradition," to mark the 200th anniversary of the birth of Søren Kierkegaard, whose philosophy is foundational to European Existentialism, to which Dostoevsky's oeuvre has also been linked at least since Walter Kaufmann's famous book, "Existentialism from Dostoevsky to Sartre."

Kierkegaard and Dostoevsky, together with Nietzsche, are the progenitors of an intellectual tradition which links art and philosophy into an aesthetics of modernity which becomes the philosophical context for European Modernism and the artistic avant-gardes of the 20th century.

Papers are invited on a broad range of philosophical and aesthetic topics which link Dostoevsky to the tradition of Kierkegaard's philosophy or to its 19th and 20th century echoes in the artistic and literary canons of Europe, the Americas, Australia and Asia (Japan and China in particular).

Of particular interest will be analyses in which Dostoevsky's artistic and/or publicistic texts are read with or against the texts of European and Russian Modernist writers or the European and Russian Modernist philosophers, semioticians and psychoanalytic theorists. The latter may include (but not be restricted to) C. S. Peirce, Heidegger, Husserl, Wittgenstein, Freud,Lacan, Florensky, Fyodorov and V. Solovyov. The topics covered might be Dostoevsky's "pochva" (soil) and Heidegger's "Erde," Solovyov on love and Dostoevsky's representation of desire, Fyodorov's resurrection of the fathers by the sons and Dostoevsky's Oedipal 'dramas', Kierkegaad's unrepresentable "reflective grief" and Dostoevsky's "little pictures" (chertochki) as paths to the hidden contents of thought.

Papers should be minimum 5,000 and maximum 10,000 words (including footnotes). Papers may be in English or Russian. They should be set out according to the journal's Style Guide, available on the journal's website, Submissions should be made online, by 1st August 2013. The refereeing process (double blind) will take 2 months. The accepted papers will be published online and in hard copy by December 2013.