Transnationalizing the Digital

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University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
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Digital media has created a counterspace in transnational feminism by creating virtual communities where solidarity can be forged and resisted. Benedict Anderson argues that a subject's sense of belonging in an "imagined community" is constitutive of nationalism, defined as national identity. These virtual cyber-spaces bring together divergent marginalized voices across the globe by recreating Anderson's imagined community. For cyberfeminists, the "imagination" that binds them is the notion of "home" or the same putative place of origin. As Ananda Mitra has pointed out, "since the original home is now inaccessible, the
Internet space is co-opted to find the same companionship that was available in the original place of residence" (25). This panel seeks to explore, challenge, and affirm ways in which digital media has opened up possibilities in transnational feminist discourse. Transnational feminism is no longer considered as an alternative space in feminist solidarity, but a much needed intervention in globalized economy. This panel particularly welcomes papers that look at globalization and labor circulation, migration and immigrant workers, blogging and activism, feminist websites, social media and women's issues. By June 1, 2013, please send a 300-word abstract, brief bio, institutional affiliation, and A/V needs to Suchismita Banerjee, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, at