Etudes écossaises, n°17, 2014 : "England – the Auld Enemy?" (deadline Oct 2013)

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David Leishman, Université Stendhal-Grenoble 3, France

The 2014 edition of the journal Etudes écossaises will be on the theme of relations between Scotland and England. In a watershed year for Scotland where the resonances of the past will clearly form a constant background to vital contemporary debates, we will thus continue to explore the process of rewriting the canon within the research project set by Grenoble 3 - Stendhal University's Centre d'étude sur les modes de la representation du monde Anglophone (CEMRA).

Reviewing the canonical status of England as Scotland's constituent Other will be this issue's focus, to coincide with a socio-political context where re-assessing, re-interpreting and possibly re-writing the relationship have taken centre stage.

"England: the Auld Enemy?"
In light of 2014's planned Bannockburn centenary commemorations, with the legacy of the Act of Union already being hotly contested by both sides in the run-up to the Independence referendum, it is an opportune moment to seek papers which advance scholarly knowledge of the conflicts and disputes, but also the ties, the joint traditions and the sense of a common destiny that have bound Scotland to her nearest neighbour. We particularly seek papers which, in light of contemporary theories or research, reassess historical events and periods, discourses, schools of thought, cultural phenomena and literary works whose influence and standing in presenting the relationship between Scotland and England confer them with canonical status. As such, the presentation, borrowed from popular sporting parlance, of England as "the Auld Enemy?" is merely intended as a spur to further inquiry and as a challenge to reveal and unsettle the mythologies which often form a national doxa.

We welcome papers from any specialty within the field of Scottish studies which cast new light on Scottish-English relations, for example by reassessing questions of identity and differentiation, separateness and commingling, tradition and filiation, precedent and rupture, rivalry and alliance, animosity and attraction, frontiers and hybrids, intermediaries, cross-border cooperation, nationalist, unionist and international perspectives.

Papers (5,000-8,000 words) may be submitted in French or in English.
A brief proposal (300-500 words) should be sent by 1st June 2013. The deadline for finished papers is 1st October 2013.

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