Waco | The Myths of Fear. Governments, conspiracies conference, 2013 (October 25, 2013 - Nyíregyháza, Hungary)

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Szoboszlay György / Institute of History and Philosophy at College of Nyíregyháza
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The idea of the conference has been built around the anniversaries of three historical moments of the United States: the ratification of the 16th amendment to the US constitution (1913), the "martyrdom" of Gordon Kahl (1983) and the tragic Waco siege (1993). These events also constitute highlighted topics of the American "patriot", right-wing extremist conspiracy universe for decades.
The three anniversaries offer several lessons to be drawn. Our conference intends to deal with Waco, the Gordon Kahl story, etc. not as events, but as phenomena: the central themes are such topics as 'the formative mechanism and the social, psychological, etc. background of the political conspiracy theories', or 'the anti-government, anti-statist attitudes, doctrines and practice of (not only right-wing) extremist organizations, movements'.

Possible themes might include:

Fatal police actions and their interpretations: the lesson of the Ruby Ridge and Waco incidents
Income tax and the Communist Manifesto
Legal warfare against the state: the arsenal of the paper terrorism
The militia movement after Waco and the Oklahoma City bombing
Modern Redcoats or the myth of April 19
The theories of 9/11
One World Government
Armed separatist movements in the world
The European Union and its extremists

We welcome abstracts (size: approx. 600-2000 characters without whitespaces) from scholars, researchers and PhD students.
Working languages of the conference: Hungarian, English.

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Deadline for submission of abstracts: July 10, 2013
Abstracts can be submitted via e-mail to waco@nyf-tfi.hu
Contact: Szoboszlay György, Institute of History and Philosophy at College of Nyíregyháza; mail: szogyo@nyf.hu

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