[Deadline Extended]: Gertrude Stein at PAMLA -- November 1-3, 2013 -- San Diego

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The Gertrude Stein Society
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Deadline extended to submit papers dealing with Gertrude Stein's late works. Linda Wagner-Martin and others have pointed to Stein's *The Mother of Us All* as marking a late-life shift in Stein's thinking about American feminism, at the same time that *Brewsie and Willie* reveals a new depth and dimension to Stein's thinking about World War II. Please send proposals (300 words) for papers dealing with Stein's later works, together with a cv, to boydj@fdu.edu by April 15, 2013 (deadline extended from 3/31/13). ALL PROPOSALS MUST also be uploaded to the PAMLA Conference Submission tool no later than April 15th, available at http://www.pamla.org/2013/topics/gertrude-steins-late-works.