CFP 'Corporealities: Body Limits' for a special issue of Word and Text

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Word and Text – A Journal of Literary Studies and Linguistics

Treatments of corporeality have piled high in literary and cultural studies, especially in the last twenty years or so, while questions of embodiment continue to proliferate in philosophical discussion. At the same time, metaphorical bodies loom large: humanities scholars have shown renewed critical interest in variously shaped ideas of the body politic, past and present; corpus linguistics works with ever-larger 'corporae' of everyday language. Bodies, 'real' or 'imagined', never lose the potential to unsettle. However, discussions of corporeality tend to be carried, more or less subtly, by the reassuring promise of the material body as a site of indisputable fact.
We invite contributions that resist notions of bodies as self-evident and instead investigate their limits.

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