CFP: Liberalism, Conservatism, Radicalism, and Historical Materialism (4/15/07; journal issue)

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Dennis Dworkin
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a themed issue entitled ³Liberalism, Conservatism, Radicalism, and
Historical Materialism.² The issue is part of Volume 13, will be published
in 2009, and is guest edited by Dennis Dworkin, Associate Professor of
History, at the University of Nevada. Reno.
While historians have often prided themselves on their objectivity and
detachment, it is well known that some of the most influential historical
texts have been politically impassioned. Some of the most famous examples
come from the various traditions of ³history from below,² but they are not
limited to these, and they exist across the political spectrum.
The purpose of this issue is to reconsider the relationship between
political ideas and historical practice. We seek essays representing a
variety of approaches and disciplines.
How do historians of various political persuasions use political ideas and
ideologies to understand the past? How do political ideologies conceived in
the present shape history as an object and a practice? The crisis of
Marxist history is well known. Have other political appropriations of the
past--conservative, liberal, feminist, black radical, and so
forth--undergone analogous turmoil? How have postmodern and postcolonial
perspectives affected the deployment of political ideologies to understand
and construct the past? What is the future of historical work on
marginalized and subjugated peoples?
250 word proposals and CVs should be sent not later than April 15, 2007 to
Dennis Dworkin at The final date for contributions to be
received is January 15, 2009. The length of articles should be 6000-7000
words, but will ultimately be determined by the number of contributors.
Details of the journal and Instructions for Authors can be found at:
Questions are welcome and should be addressed to:
Dennis Dworkin
Department of History/ 308
University of Nevada, Reno
Reno, NV 89557

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