[Update] Native North American Literatures (PAMLA 2013)

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PAMLA 2013 (Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association)
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Native North American authors throughout colonial and U.S. histories present complex and distinct challenges to linear time. Considering how "growth" or "age" is complicated by indigenous epistemologies of temporality in Native North American texts illustrates alternatives to the performance of "growth." This panel will examine Native North American authored texts and characters that co-exist in past/present/future and how "growth" and "age" interacts with colonial, historicist time in ways that challenge or illustrate the problematic construction of "aging" for Native populations in North America.

Please submit proposals through the PAMLA website by April 15 (if not sooner!):

The panel is interested in Native authored texts throughout the history of the Americas and U.S. Feel free to direct any questions to Sarah Jo Mayville: smayvill@ucsd.edu