CFP: Queer Security Studies | GLQ Dossier | Due May 11th

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Tallie Ben Daniel
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CFP: Queer Security Studies | GLQ Dossier | Due May 11th

This is a call for submissions to a dossier on the theme of Queer Security Studies. This dossier argues that Queer Security Studies is a necessary theoretical space for many disparate sites – financial security, national security, militarized technologies, policing and incarceration – that all share similar logics and need to be brought into conversation with each other. We would like to collectively contribute to our understandings of the ways security discourse in its multiple forms constructs, negotiates, and incorporates gender and sexuality into its operations. Pieces should be interdisciplinary and draw from the lessons we have learned from queer theory, trans* politics, prison abolition movements, and critical militarization studies. We are especially looking for modes of critique that take those lessons into account in a material way.

Some of the pieces already included in the dossier investigate how queer sexualities might interact with and be constituted by financial security; how the family is re-emerging as a national institution of regulation and control for queer people, but in new and far more insidious ways; how trans politics both confront and are constituted by national security discourse.

We are looking for contributions that critically take up:

incarceration, policing, and/or protest

the surveillance of public space

bureaucratic regimes of control or discipline

racialized logics of space and safety

discourses of "safe space"

critical takes on self-defense or protection of the home
We are in conversation with GLQ and are aiming to get the dossier published in an upcoming issue. All submissions will undergo blind review and cannot be under review elsewhere.

Submissions should be between 10-12 double-spaced pages and must be received by Saturday May 11th. Please email submissions to or with "Queer Security Studies" as the subject.