Representations of the global economic crisis - October 30th 2013

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Journal Culture, Language and Representation, ISSN: 1697-7750
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Given that representation conditions our responses and interpretations of events, at present, the attempts to control the symbolic space of discourses about the crisis is dominated by the struggle between the institutional and financial powers, and a number of counter-discourses that dispute such a space. The former appeal to and refashion mythologies and narratives, among which the moral one about sinners and redemption has become prominent, to regain their hegemonic place and lost credibility. The latter emerge from social movements like Occupy Wall Street, Arab Spring, 15-M, etc., that contest those narratives with grassroots intervention. In such a light, the representations of the crisis can be regarded as the ground where the ethical discourses that have become urgent and relevant are being articulated at the social symbolic level. And it would seem that the directions our societies will adopt in the near future will be strongly dictated by the outcome of such conflicting positions.

Contributions are welcome that tackle the representation of the global economic crisis from a cultural perspective in the Arts, film, literature, journalism, as well as the linguistic, socio-economic, political, community, or other, dimensions.
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