Creating ans Sustaining Community in Challenging Times

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Terry Novak/Atlantic Center for Learning Communities
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The 13th annual Atlantic Center for Learning Communities Curriculum Planning Retreat will be held October 23-October 25, 2013 at Holy Family Passionist Retreat Center in West Hartford, CT. We are seeking proposals for workshops that fall within the general theme of "Creating and Sustaining Community in Challenging Times." ACLC Retreat workshops are designed to be interactive, with the goal of providing workshop participants with practical applications based on solid learning community research and principles. This year workshops, or learning exchanges, will be offered in two formats:

A. A block of 75-90 minutes in which 3-4 individuals/partners present for 15 minutes each on a related topic; group discussion and interaction will follow the brief presentations. The idea is to highlight a variety of work being done. Propose one brief topic that will be grouped with others, or propose 3-4 topics with colleagues from within and/or across institutions.
B. A block of 75-90 minutes dedicated to an in-depth, hands-on training topic facilitated by an individual, partners or small team

We especially welcome proposals on the following topics:

 Integrating learning in and out of the classroom
 Creating faculty community
 Financial challenges: How are we creative in stretching our program dollars?
 The politics of negotiating with the institution
 Cross-institutional collaboration (including high school and college)
 Assessment of student work
 Assessment of the learning community
 Community beyond the learning community: How do we continue to foster community post-LC? How does the institution foster communities? What are the constraints?
 Peer learning, leading, and advising—the use of upper-level students in creating community
 Upper division learning communities
 Diversity and inclusion in learning communities

Please send your150-word proposal electronically to BOTH Brad Hollingshead at AND Terry Novak at Please specify whether you wish to participate in workshop format A or B (see above). In order to continue with ACLC's philosophy of including as wide a variety of institutional experiences as possible, more workshops/learning exchanges featuring 3-4 co-facilitators will be offered than will hands-on training sessions. Please include your institutional affiliation in your email. The deadline for proposal submissions is Friday, June 21, 2013. More information about the Atlantic Center for Learning Communities and the 2013 Curriculum Planning Retreat can be found at