Female Reputation: Historical Recovery and Restitution

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Lynee Lewis Gaillet and Helen Gaillet

Call for Essay Proposals

Book Proposal: Female Reputation: Historical Recovery and Restitution
Editors: Lynée Lewis Gaillet and Helen Gaillet

In Feminist Rhetorical Practices, Jackie Royster and Gesa Kirsch explain that "tectonic shifts" in feminist research are now altering the "rhetorical landscape" to include a blurring of the "persistently elite, male-centered boundaries" of historical studies and an expansion of "rhetorical performance, accomplishment, and possibilities" (29). We applaud these shifts and the resulting expansion of the rhetorical canon to include a more accurate map of female agency and contributions to their respective fields. To that end, we seek accounts and profiles of women's accomplishments from across the disciplines. In some cases, we suspect authors will revisit existing reputations of these figures, examining the cultural circumstances that led to constructed identities; in other cases, we hope to hear stories of recovered women, those who have been neglected or overlooked in traditional historical accounts.

While we do not limit the scope and direction of proposed essays, we especially welcome accounts of women whose:
• Names and contributions were omitted from accounts of scientific and medical advances
• Reputations were maligned to make them less threatening to those in power
• Accomplishments were dismissed because they were gender specific
• Roles were overlooked in well-known historical accounts
• Contributions to their well-known male relatives' successes were not recognized
• Role was played behind the man
• Sexual identity was misrepresented in a patriarchal society
• Role was seemingly insignificant or ignored but changed the course of events
• Students, children or mentees went on to achieve success
• Successes in socioeconomic circles outside traditionally documented venues went unrecognized
• Contributions were overlooked because of racial identity or geographical location
• Religious work was ignored within their local communities or secular circles

Proposals for essays should include: a 350-500 word abstract, a 100 word bio for each author, and complete contact information. Essays must be previously unpublished and not under consideration elsewhere.

Please send proposals and contact information to both editors by July 1, 2013:

Lynée Lewis Gaillet lgaillet@gsu.edu and Helen Gaillet hgaillet@gmail.com